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God Is Seeking You.

One of the best known of the desert Fathers of the fourth century Egypt traveled once on pilgrimage to Rome . He was told of a celebrated recluse , a woman who lived always in one small room , never going out .Skeptical of her way of life for he himself was a great wanderer - He called on her and asked -" Why are you sitting here ? " To this the recluse replied ,I am not sitting . I am on a journey."

We can all apply to our self in different ways " I am not sitting . I am on a journey ."That is true of us if we walk the paths of the world , or are still in a form of lockdown. To come to acknowledge this is a decisive moment on our pilgrimage .It is to begin to live life rather then just go through it .

The whole world is the space of that journey .The world our monastery where we learn love of God and to love each other .Many people tell us they do not know how to make this journey. They do not know how to seek God , or see where the spirit is at work today . We encourage them to not look to a another time and place , but seek where they are . Christ is in their midst where they are. With the people they journey with , and in the questions of their life - If only they would open their hearts to see and understand . At the hermitage we invite people to see what is in front of them . Each hour , each day . In every day and night . Every situation , and question of their life. In every person God places on their path to begin to ask these questions , "What is this teaching me about myself , God , and other people ? Seek and you will find . Knock and the door will be opened to you . You will begin to see the spirit at work and communicating to you in the place you are in .Inviting you to not to keep sitting , but open your heart , and keep walking . Then one day the penny will finally drop ! You are not just a Companion of Jesus simply because you are seeking God , and how to love your brothers and sisters .You are a companion of Jesus because God has first come seeking you .

Richard Smith

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