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Companions of Jesus.

For all the words that come from our hermitages of peace written or in broadcasts it is probably not what we say and write, but what is left unsaid that has the most importance for each other .

Words are important as they can bless and heal .They can be sources of encouragement and healing . Or they can have a negative effect when not coming from a heart of peace . But they have their limitations also .We would be the first to acknowledge that . Words can never capture the entirety of any spiritual journey . Or cover everything in our written communications , and when we speak in person . But they can be a recognition the movement of God in each other. An encouragement to each other to keep seeking what it means to act justly , love tenderly, and walk humbly with our God in the many varied ways that our Franciscan path opens up to. Opens up to inviting us to live the Gospel , or put it another way preach the Gospel by our way of life. Words are like sign posts pointing the way . Bowing to the presence of Jesus in each other , and inviting each other to keep seeking . To keep journeying deeper . To stay on this path to the end whatever twists and turns come our way in whatever days and nights are given on earth . Words can point to the mystery of the "Word " in our midst , but can never give a plan of the kingdom that is within us . They like the silence that we grow to cherish so much in a hermitage are like stepping stones in to the immense reality that is beautifully referred to by the Eastern Christians as " Good God , and friend of man " , or " Lover of mankind ." What we can give to each other in fraternal love and service is the key to enter in to that city of God that is within each other . But we can not make the journey for each other .We can pray for each other . Encourage each other . Those who have a ministry of service can offer words of encouragement and guidance . But they can not see for you , hear for you ,or walk the paths of grace for you . What you will see , feel , and experience in your journey to God in God will be direct , and personal . It will be real for you as the Divine opens up within you , and all around you in the creation , birds , animals , and plants . Perhaps our final words of encouragement to you would yes to spend time reading and studying the words of the Gospel , but never simply to stop at that point . Live the Gospel .Breath the Gospel . Cry the Gospel with your whole existence . For if you only read and study the Gospel you risk remaining outside the Heavenly City within you. Not really finding the great treasure that is within you, and all around you .

Richard Smith

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