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" Prayer and Love ."

It is actually a misunderstanding to say we repeat prayers. For every moment of prayer is by its very nature utterly new and fresh . Totally distinct from the previous moment of prayer . By its ' very nature a new moment of birth , and life .

Prayer is not really about doing . It becomes about " Being" Being still and knowing He is God. Being open and receptive to a totally new and fresh moment of beauty and wonder .

The true prayer of the heart can not be repeated . It can only be received , entered in to , and allowed to unfold in the unfolding of each moment , and movement in God . You feel that you do not know how to pray . But move the focus away from you , and come to understand prayer is actually in the first place the initiative , and activity of God in us .

If you could just narrow everything down to this unfolding in the present moment you would come to understand we are constantly being created , and recreated from within . Always beginning again like the clay being molded in the potter hands . You think you are seeking God . One day the penny will drop , and you will come to understand that a good God , and friend of man is looking at you , loving you, and seeking you .

Prayer becomes a choice to turn our hearts and life to all that makes life truly free , beautiful , and wonderful . Or to shut out , and deny this reality within us. Preferring to go our own way , and remain focused on ourselves Being foucused on our own desires , or refusing to let go of our fears.

So we could best explain to you in the few moments that we have together that prayer is coming to know and experience the God who has known and loved us from the beginning . It is becoming aware of, and receiving His gift of love in the beauty and wonder of our here , and now . Prayer is ultimately love . It is our way of life , and our way in to life.

Richard Smith

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