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Love casts out fear.

In an email to a friend, I wrote that I thought, “We have made God a tyrant”. I was talking about how the Church can lay so many burdens on the flock that they end up living in fear and not in the freedom of the children of God.

Parents, teachers, pastors and those in authority have conditioned us all to an extent, to believe that love is conditional upon our performance. We have then transferred this to our Heavenly Father and have allowed this lie to keep us in bondage.

John the apostle knew that he was loved. He knew this from leaning on the breast of Jesus and hearing the heartbeat of Abba, which loved him without conditions. He knew then that ‘God is Love’ and that there is no fear in love.

I have for too long feared I could not be loved because of my sin, my failure, my bentness. But Jesus reveals Our Father is truly the one who loves us even when we are covered in the mire of pigs and that He even runs to us and covers us with the blessing of His unconditional love.

I pray that you may be quietened by His love and just rest your head against Jesus to hear his heartbeat, which is for you.

Br. Michael Daly, CJ.


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