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It's All About Love!

We are born out of love. We live in love. We are destined for love.

[Blessed Raymón Llull]

Everything that exists speaks of God, reflects that love energy of God. But God is more than anything that exists. God is always the more of our lives. We can’t contain God. If we try to control God, that’s not God; God always spills over our lives. So, God is our future . . ….

God is in every direction. That you might arrive … not arrive … arrive late … early. It’s not the arrival that counts. It’s God! It’s not the direction that counts. It’s just being there, trusting that you will be going where God wants you … God is with us. Every step of the way is God-empowered love energy …

So, it’s not like … “Here’s God; here’s us. God’s just waiting till we get our act together and then we’ll all be well” … God is love. Love is pulling us on to do new things and we need to trust the power of God in our lives to do new things. . . . the God of Jesus Christ is … the power beneath our feet, the depth of the beauty of everything that exists, and the future into which we are moving. . . .

Every one of us is written in the heart of God from all eternity … born on this earth … developing and coming to explicit form in our lives, given a name. It’s a fantastic mystery of love.

Ilia Delio OSF

(Article originally posted on Facebook by Kieran Fitzsimons OFM)

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