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Great Song Of Creation

“The Franciscan understanding of the individual is situated in a rich network of relations. It perceives not an isolated person, but an individual who realizes his or her deepest identity through living in a network of relations in a positive and healthy way. The most basic of these relations is the relation of the human person to God. Each person is invited to understand himself or herself as a son or daughter of God. At this level, Franciscanism perceives a fundamental equality among all human beings. At the same time, it recognizes a wide variety of individual gifts and talents. As gifts of God, these are potentialities that are given as a trust to be developed and used responsibly. Because each person is seen as a son or daughter of God, Franciscanism has traditionally emphasized the uniqueness and dignity of each individual person. Each expresses the goodness of God in a particular way. And all taken together have been compared to a ‘great song’ of creation.”

Fr. Zachary Hayes, OFM

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