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Chew The Fat With The Friar! Why do I bless Gay Marriages?

I have often been asked why I bless gay marriages, so here follows some of my reasoning.

I think I need to say at the outstart, that I bless all marriages, heterosexual and homosexual. I believe marriage is a sacred covenant and a sacrament. Behind the question to me, is the belief that homosexuality is wrong and not supported by the bible or by Church history or tradition.

I really can't go into this in any depth, as the matter of hermeneutics and language is not something that can be handled by this short, personal blog. I recommend a reading list at the end of this blog, that some might find helpful.

I need to start by saying, that I do not believe homosexuality is wrong, an aberration or sinful. I believe people are born with a need to know they are loved and that for the majority, this will mean that they will grow up with an attraction and sexual desire, for and towards, the opposite sex. But for many others, they will grow up, attracted and having a sexual desire, for and towards the same sex. It is my belief that it is not good for anyone to be alone, and I believe this is in accord with the heart of God.

Now there are passages in scripture, which have been used to abuse those attracted to the same sex. In fact there are many passages in scripture that have been used to abuse many! When I hear people tell me that the Church has taught this for two thousand years, I look with dismay, as the Church sanctioned slavery, based on reading scriptures for over fifteen hundred years and has continued to restrict women in ministry, because of some scriptures. Scripture and history alone do not make good pointers to the heart of God!

I believe that we need to look through the prism of Jesus to understand or interpret scripture and not look through the prism of scripture to try to ascertain or understand the heart of God!

My wife and I were married for twenty-one and a half years before she died. We shared each other and became stronger in our love for one another as we lived together and not alone. Our love was consensual, caring and constructive. I know a couple of gay guys who have lived together for over forty years! They love one another and are committed to each other, in exactly the same way as Sue and I were. Their love is consensual, caring and constructive! Does God condemn them? Does God call them an aberration, an abomination? Does God think He made a mistake in creating them? No...No...No!

I was called a spastic when I went to school as a young boy. I was different to the other boys and girls in my road...and they called me a spastic as I shared my school days with others who were bent, twisted and deformed. Outwardly I was not disfigured...but internally I was, as others knew better and I was in a minority. Undoubtedly God had made a mistake as we were an aberation...spastic abominations!!

I sadly have heard "Christians" tell people who are sick in body or in mind, that they are just receiving the reward of their wickedness...and yes, scriptures were used, to enforce these diabolical spoutings!

So to get back to the question as to why I bless gay marriages and do not condemn any within the LGBTQ+ is that I try to see through the prism of Jesus and believe that Jesus is the total/complete/entire revelation, of God! So if an interpretation of scripture does not line up through the prism of Jesus, then I take it as being quite wrong!


Some books/reading matter that I have found helpful:

The Book of the Queer Prophets. Curated by Ruth Hunt

In the Shelter. By Padraig O'Tuama

The Pink Line. By Mark Gevisser

Nomad. A Spirituality for Travellig Light. By Brandon Robertson

Our Witness. The Unherd Stories of LGBTQ+ Christians. By Brandon Robertson.

A Life of Unlearning. By Anthony Ven Brown

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