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Chew The Fat With The Friar! Who Cares?

In the present Pandemic, I have been wondering about the world and how we interact with each other, especially how we care for each other. So many good people are caring for others in hospital, at home and in Care homes as well as in our general interaction with people in our local environment, out shopping and in offices, pubs, clubs etc etc. "Care" I believe is central for our future as well as our humanity!

C.S. Lewis wrote the provocative book, 'The Screwtape Letters'. It is about an exchange of letters between an elder devil, named Screwtape, and his nephew, Wormwood, who is on his first mission to learn the subtle techniques for tempting people.

Uncle Screwtape counsels, ‘The goal is not wickedness but indifference.’ The older devil explained to his nephew, ‘Your job, my dear Wormwood, is to provide me with people who do not care.’

I wonder if Wormwood has had any influence over my life?

What about you?


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