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Chew The Fat With The Friar! The Binary Tree Story.

The Binary Tree Story.

And God said, “You can eat of fruit of any tree in the garden but not the Binary tree. If you eat the fruit of the binary tree you will cause death, exclusion and division!” But the fruit of the binary tree looked so enticing! So we bit into the fruit! Wow!

Eating it immediately showed you who were the sinners! It showed you what was pure as opposed to impure. It made sure you were, “in”, as opposed to, those who were, “out”! It made leaders as opposed to servants! Saints as opposed to, sinners! It made man superior to woman! It made heaven and it made hell! It made, “them” and it made, “us”! The fruit of the binary tree, once eaten, wrapped you in death as opposed to life. And so it was! Scapegoats would always be needed, along with sacrifices, to make “right” what was “wrong” and appease the gods we would worship. And so we made systems to control and dominate. Institutions that would build walls to keep us in and others out! Water could never again be wine and the last would never be first!

The seeds of the Binary Tree have spread everywhere and sadly multitudes still eat it freely from it!

Gladly the story does not end here! There is another story! A story of restoration, renewal and redemption. A story that is counter intuitive, turning water into wine and making the last first!


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