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Chew The Fat With The Friar

Brother Michael Daly, CJ. is looking to do a question and anwer type series, and maybe later on, a video blog. The topics can be about anything that you might like Friar Michael's view, or slant on. Here are just a few questions, already raised, that will be chewed over in the coming weeks/months:

What's the difference between Monks and friars?

What do the three knots on the rope around your waist signify?

Can a woman, divorced, gay, married, person, become a professed Franciscan?

Do I have to be a Roman Catholic to be a Franciscan?

Does God send people to hell?

Is the Church mysoginistic and bigoted?

Is the Bible inerrant?

Can a Christian celebrate Halloween?

Should divorced people be allowed the eucharist?

Who is my neighbour and how do I love them?

Is God a Universalist?

Church Unity and a Divisive Sectarian spirit.

What is prayer?

Br. Michael's replies may be short and others long, depending on the question. They will be his personal thoughts and not necessarily, the thoughts of other Franciscans. We hope they will give food for thought and will have the heart of Jesus at their centre!

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