A Modern Parable

One day the children decided to discuss another child while no adults were there. They made a circle of chairs and made the child sit in the middle.

Immediately one child started, " I do not like you, and I will never, ever accept you whatever you say or do, because you belong to a different group to me. I could not possibly say your group is as good as my one and equal!"

Another child continued " You are not the same as us because you use different words, and chants compared to our more simple way. So I shall just tell everyone you are no good and spread lots of lies about you so no one listens to you ."

At this point, the other child became very angry and shouted " I do not care what you think Father wants. It is against the rules of my group .l will never support you to do it ." The child in the center replied " It is real. Father keeps coming to me to ask me to do it ."

At this point, the other child became very angry and shouted " I do not care what you think Father wants. It is against the rules of my group ."

Another child continued " And as for your strange little group it is not real at all allowing people to be equal. No way! Some have to be more equal than others or it will change how we can control things ."

The leader of the children was also very upset with the child in the center." We are going to send you away. My group is the only group. People should only listen to us. How dare you challenge what we say, and how we do things ."

Yet another child said " You are not educated enough to be with us, and do what you do. You have to pass lots of exams first before we will even consider listening to you ."

The child in the center of the circle kept saying " It is real. I am just doing what Father wants me to do ."

Just then an adult entered the room. It was Father! He looked at all of them and said " I love you all equally, but when I said you must change and become like little children I did not mean you should behave like this! "

Then something happened instantly. The children suddenly discovered they were not children at all! They were adult members of the church group.

Richard Smith Hermitage of Saint Michael and All Angels.

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