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The Companions of Jesus have different roles and ministries serving their local communities and churches in a variety of ways! 

Here are just some some of the ways

we minister. 

The Companions of Jesus was first established in the UK by Brother Michael Daly, CJ in Bexhill on Sea. (UK) Very soon after the first website was up and running people around the world became interested and wanted to join the Order.

In Bexhill on Sea, (UK) the Companions grew in size and at one time there were nine Sisters and Brothers attached to St. Barnabas Church.  An Anglo Catholic priest, Fr. Roger was priest in charge at St. Barnabas Anglican Church and he asked the Order if we would work alongside him and attach ourselves within his church and establish an outreach to the Homeless and Marginalized. The Companions of Jesus did this and set up a clothes bank and place of refuge for the homeless and marginalized. This work went on for seven years. Fr. Roger joined the Companions of Jesus and made his profession before the church at a mass and was received into the Order by Brother Michael Daly, CJ who was the Servant of Communion for the Order at that time. Sister Sally was professed at St. Barnabas and the late Sister Alison also. The late Br. Benjamin also joined the Order while we were ministering at St. Barnabas, he was then in his late eighties. 

Unfortunately after an interim period without any incumbent at St. Barnabas, a new priest was appointed and the Companions and their work was asked to leave as they were not an Anglican Order and so would not come under his or the bishops authority! Sadly we had to remove ourselves and the clothes bank and our ministry within a few weeks. (Strangely now after some years there is again a work assisting the homeless in that church, aided by a local Homeless Project (HUG) that the Companions of Jesus were originally part of!)

In the UK, USA, France, Canada, Uganda, India, Companions of Jesus are working to reconcile all people and all creation. They work in Churches, Offices, Care Homes, Hospitals, Schools on the Streets, in Bars...carrying the fragrance of Jesus into the world. The Companions work with the poor, the marginalized, the hurting, the oppressed.
“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.”

More ministry stories and information on the work of the Companions of Jesus from different parts of the world will follow. Look out for new Drop Down Pages on the Main menu under 'The Franciscan Family'.

Pax et Bonum

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