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Brother Philip and Sister Nancy are in the USA and tell their story.


Touch Of Compassion Ministries (TOCM)

An Outreach Ministry of the

Companions of Jesus

A Franciscan Community of Reconciliation


Casa de San Francisco

(House of St. Francis)

Comanche, Oklahoma U.S.A.


"Touch Of Compassion Ministries" (TOCM), formerly named "High Desert Ministries", is a non-profit, Independently Chartered Church/Ministry of "Saint Luke Evangelical Christian


Ministries", a worldwide non-denominational Church and Christian Ministry. It is headquartered is at 183951 N 2770 RD, Comanche, OK, USA 73529, in the small local community of "Grandview" and is administered by professed members of the "Companions Of Jesus", a non-denominational Franciscan Order.


The outreach ministry originally started as "Rev. Phil's Military Ministry" when Rev. Philip Evans (an ordained and licensed minister) was still a member of the US Armed Forces. Upon retiring from the military in 2001, he moved to the Antelope Valley in Southern California and renamed (and re-chartered) the ministry as both an "Independent Church" and as an "Outreach Ministry" in the "High-Desert" region of Southern California. In 1976 he had become permanently disabled

and lost his wife of 32 years.


Several years later he met Nancy who was disabled and a widow, and she introduced him to her line of work as a “Bereavement Group Facilitator”. In the following years, he and Nancy were married, he became involved in various musical ministries and eventually found himself working with his wife Nancy in the "hospice" field for "Kaiser Permanente Hospitals" as a "Hospice Volunteer" and as a "Certified Bereavement Support Group Facilitator". In 2010 they decided to follow Gods call and relocate to Southern Oklahoma and carry on their ministry work there.


Touch Of Compassion Ministries...

We are non-denominational and people of all Christian faiths are welcome. We seek reconciliation of all of God's church.


The first and most important mission is to bring the message of God's love to all mankind. The second mission is to help all believers as individuals, in their own personal walk with Christ in any way that we can. The message of God's love does not end with "just spreading the word", but by also dedicating ourselves to "show that love" by helping others of all of life's stations, no matter how rich or poor, sick or healthy, in society or outcasts on its fringes. They are still our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and all people of every nationality and belief system are still 'children of God"

and created in His image.


"Touch of Compassion Ministries" is the outreach ministries of the "Casa de San Francisco" (House of St. Francis) located in the "Grandview" area West of Comanche, OK. The residents of the House of St. Francis are little brothers and sisters in the Order of the "Companions of Jesus" (C.J.) whose lives are dedicated to compassionate ministries and following in the footsteps Christ using St. Francis and St. Claire as examples, showing love and compassion for all, and a deep love and respect for all of Gods creation.


The Companions of Jesus are a dispersed non-denominational

Franciscan religious order that is made up of members worldwide.


Following are some of the ministries that we currently are involved in, or that are planned for the not too distant future...


Currently the "Daily Office" is prayed in the small chapel at the House of St. Francis throughout each day.

Communion service is held on an irregular basis or if requested.

Wedding, Funeral, and Memorial services are available upon request.

Bible Study is very important and is currently participated in at the St. Francis House. Bible Study classes are currently held monthly at the friary as part of a "Connect" small group sponsored by Ray of Hope Church.

Other study groups can be set up as requested.

Christian Meditation and Reflection is encouraged and a formal class or group can be set up as requested.

This is one of the primary ministries.


We have partnered with several Home Health and Hospice organizations throughout Southern Oklahoma as "Hospice Volunteers".

Br. Philip Evans is also a volunteer Hospice Chaplain.

This is currently our primary ministry.

We facilitate support groups at the friary, at other various locations and at the "Ray Of Hope Church" North of Comanche on Hwy. 81 as requested.

Our schedules are subject to request to other locations, days and times as needed. New locations are always considered.

Currently we are involved in providing musical ministries weekly at different Nursing Homes throughout Cotton, Stephens, and Jefferson Counties. There is plenty of room for growth in this area, and it's a much needed service.

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